Strategic Project Management

Strategic Project Management

St Matthew eAccounting UK Ltd -

01/2010 – 12/2010

The eAccounting of St Matthew had around 1,000 client from the main countries of Germany, Spain, Malta, Italy, Portugal.

At the end of 2010 I have been asked by the chairman of this company and friend of mine to come aboard and show face during the upcoming changes to the business.

The accounting part of St Matthew had to be cut from the marketing and sales, and both departments then should start as their own companies. From the common office on 2 levels of a building, marketing and sales had a jump start just north of London Bridge within the City of London and the STM Accounting Solutions UK Ltd went back to Tanner Place.

So I started the accounting department as its own limited company and me as an interims managing director, and moved on to the STM Business Services UK Ltd, where I have worked as head of the marketing & sales department.




  • Co-ordinate all incoming issues regarding the two companies of the accounting and marketing & sales department.
  • Regularly phone calls with the chairman.
  • Reduce the number of staff from 35 to 22.
  • Create a new STM Accounting Solutions UK Ltd and head as interim managing director.
  • Move with the new marketing & sales department up to the City of London and start as head of this department.

Role: Operations Manager

Skills: Lotus Notes, Negotiations, Contracts, Risk Management, Team Leading, Coordination, Problem Solving

Involved Members: 35 staff of St Matthew eAccounting UK Ltd, 17 staff of STM Accounting Solutions UK Ltd and 5 staff of STM Business Services UK Ltd

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