More than 30 Years of Working in IT, Mostly Software, Traveled half of the World

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There is – by the way – one website I just want to mention here: I am a foody, well now you you. If you want to read partly of what I do privately you should click on and enjoy this blog, started for more then 10 years now.

After the internal formation as a member of the Jesuit order, studying philosophy as a Jesuit and a guest performance as a student of business informatics in 1990 I founded and headed an IT consulting company until the acquisition by a Swiss company in 2004. From then on I did work all over Europe, South East Asia and China until 2019. Since June 2019 I am  working as one of the managers for a company in London.

With the change that Covid-19 brought into our working world, I work at the moment more in my home office in Germany, to be closer to the families I have here.

Johannes Alfänger

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Over the 30 years, there were different companies and teams I worked with. Europe, South East Asia and China: half around the world, depending on the project we had to deliver. Here are the important once:

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