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If you are new to the approach of Strategic Project Management or Strategic Project Leadership® please read there first.

Otherwise you will find here interesting and exciting stories of most of my projects.

Selected Project Stories -

Bytesforce Int. PLT LTD

Sales Agent Insurance for EMEA

Bytesforce International Pte Ltd emerged as one of the most impressive insurance software from Singapore…

TriSolaris ltd

Administration Consultants

We are two Managing Directors at TriSolaris ltd, working there since February 2019…


Since 2015 I am head of webdesign for all of the clients at

Deutsche Bank - alfaenger,de

Deutsche Bank AG

PMO Officer

A major structural change was done by Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt from 2014 until 2017. As consultant of the PMO, I was… -

Internet Webshop operates as an online merchandising store, offering…

InsAlliance -

St Matthew

eAccounting LTD

The eAccounting of St Matthew had around 1,000 client from the main countries of Germany, Spain, Malta, Italy, Portugal and…

InsAlliance -

InsAlliance SaaS

SaaS Mobile Software

In November 2009 InsAlliance, a Shanghai company, has been founded by its five management shareholders…

Country Manager -

eBao Technology

Country Manager

Expanding eBao Technology’s business into the Benelux countries, serving…

Europe -

eBao Technology

European Maintenance

Consulting for the organisational and strategy development of eBao Technology (Europe) AG ‘Delivery’…

zurich morocco non-life -

eBao Technology

Zurich Insurance, Morocco

Requirements review and effort estimation for Zurich’s non-life insurance in Morocco with…

fortis direct non-life -

eBao Technology

Fortis Non-life Direct Insurance

Fortis Insurance International (FII) started a complete new strategy in their…

Skywood Systems

Strategic Project Management

Customers and clients we were during 2004 to 2010 in Zug and several European and Asian partner and solution provider

Project Stories -

Skywood Systems

Document Solution

A set of modules that provide functions for document production and document management introducing up-to-date…

Allianz AG, London

Allianz Marine & Aviation

AMA implemented a AS/400 based insurance solution (Xchanging’s GENIUS) and a Lotus Notes based in-house developed GUI. A team of our…

Fachhochschule Ravensburg -


Lecturer for DMS

A course about DMS (Database Management System), database design and respective tools for students of their economic faculties as a…

Ernst & Young AG


The Ernst & Young application in Lotus Notes handles all necessary information regarding staff entries, leaving and migration. It uses…


MCS Training

A training management database providing a Lotus Notes client user…

mandata COMPUTER


For 13 years: Delphi, several databases, dBase, Paradox, SQL, strategic product development – what developed later to Prince2 Agile – and…


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