About Me

Executive and Project Manager with 25 years of experience in the IT and insurance industry, working for major international clients in France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, South East Asia and China.

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Me in a Nutshell

For more then ten years I exclusively worked in the insurance industry, dedicated to provide solutions and services for insurance companies in Europe and Asia/Pacific. From January 2007 until April 2009 I have been working for eBaoTech Corporation, a leading provider of new generation insurance software and services for both life and general insurance. One of my last external positions: Expanding eBao’s European business in the Benelux countries as a director, serving existing clients in implementation projects and support live operations of eBao’s insurance systems. Following my Jesuit background I utilise my business experience as a basis to give speeches and workshops with topics like "ComHUMANication" and "Spiritual Leadership", also in cooperation with Father Dr. Dr. Hermann-Josef Zoche (www.paterzoche.de).

What You Get from Me

  1. Listening 100%
  2. True Answers to Questions You Ask 80%
  3. Making You Think 40%
  4. Change 5%
The value of change you can fix to your work of 5% seems not that much! But, on the other hand, how much can you change or what could you change after a lecture or a speech from any guy who told you - good or bad - gave you hints for your projects or in IT stuff or for whatever things you are interested in? Even if I only can lead you to give some thoughts about one part of your work - it will have value listening. And if you do not agree, I am happy to listen to what you will have to say! I will not miss anything you ask me we should discuss. There are no 'best questions ask' or a 'stupid questions ask' - no! If you have anyhing on your mind, ask and I will answer as good as I can. And that means: I am the perfect listener to your question.

  • There are no perfect questions or stupid questions. There are only questions!- Johannes Alfaenger
  • The best you can do is - relax! If you are able to relax, you are able to take important issues up to a certain point where you will able to solve it together with your team.- Johannes Alfaenger
  • If you ask me, how you can change your work life: Take the most obvious part and change it until it is perfect.- Johannes Alfaenger