Strategic Project Management

Strategic Project Management

InsAlliance SaaS

Skywood Systems GmbH -

01/2010 – 12/2010

InsAlliance Shanghai was building the first SaaS software in China to close a gap in the insurance software.

In November 2009 a Shanghai company was founded by its five management shareholders, InsAlliance Shanghai, to build the first SaaS software in China to close a small gap in the insurance software: A dedicated claims handling software that combines on one side the insurance companies and on the other side surveyors and adjusters to create for them a complete handler where all managing parts goes hand in hand.

Since October 2010 the software is online and based on a SaaS model, instead selling the software under a license agreement, their software is truly running online by an ISP and the insurance companies and surveyors and adjusters do have access to their tool by just using the browser software on their PC or laptop.

In February 2010 Skywood Systems signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with InsAlliance Shanghai to discuss further steps the Chinese company should undertake. First, to create a global role model for a new IT company and − second − to build from there a company with equality and constancy as the company has incorporated standard business rules at the same time.



  • Write and discuss between InsAlliance Shanghai and Skywood Systems about 150 documents.
  • Created 8 documents that were decided to present to the venture capital.
  • 60 Venture Capital companies in China, USA and Europe for a presentation,
  • together with a business plan and the demo that came from InsAlliance Shanghai.

Involved People:

3 European entrepreneurs + management of InsAlliance Shanghai

Role: Managing Director

Skills: MS Word, MS Project, MS PowerPoint, Negotiations, Contracts, Risk Management, Coordination, Documentation

Staff: 4 staff members

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