eBao Technology: Zurich Insurance, Morocco

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09/2007 – 11/2007

Zurich non-life Insurance, Morocco, requirements and effort estimation for a legacy replacement.

Requirements review and effort estimation for a legacy replacement in Morocco with eBao Technology’s General System 3.1 for a global leader in insurance business.

While eBao Technology (Europe) AG had a peek look on the Morocco systems and then proposed to install the new system for 2 Mio USD, the development when all the changes came in after eight month of consideration ended up at 12 Mio USD – having passed the chance to inform the client as soon as this clear look was done.


  • Revision of all specifications and cost estimate, backing up to support the overstrained team.
  • Accept the decision of the client Zurich towards the eBaoTech team for not dealing with the findings honestly.

Role: Project Manager, Senior Consultant

Staff: 4 Staff in Zurich, 12 eBaoTech Corporation (Shanghai); revision of the product

Skills: MS Project, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Negotiations, Reporting, Risk Management, Coordination